This is my first post on this blog about aging, and women things, and all of those feelings we have. I'm not sure how frequent the posts will be, but rest assured, I think about getting older every day...

My Mac has a feature called Face Time. It's like Skype but the picture of me is bigger.

This is not such a good thing.

I look at myself and wonder when it was that I got old. I don't remember it happening. There was no warning or even a postcard delivered snail-mail to give me a heads-up, like one of those reminders to make an appointment with your dentist:

Hello, Peg.

Time flies! Our records show YOU ARE GETTING OLD and it's time for you to understand the ramifications.

It's not necessary for you to make another appointment. In fact, you may not have noticed, but you've already met with our Director of Aging.

We'd offer assistance, but there's really nothing we can do about your getting old. Except, well... you know. And it's already too late for that. You're already there baby, and we're here to help you adjust.

So here, in this space, I'm hoping to have a place for me and others to release frustrations, surprises (good and bad), and the power to continue on.

It's all better with friends.


  1. wow, this sounds like a great idea, for the golden oldies that arent so gold. Yes, it did sneak up on me. and then i got acquainted with the itis brothers. they are not good brothers, that i wish i had never met. I wonder if we can divorce them. lol now that is food for thought.

    1. LoML says they should re-name the Golden Years to the Rust Years.

  2. I do believe I would slap my dentist silly if I got that letter! But she does tiptoe around things like that (and pulls teeth to keep the gum disease at bay), as does my primary care doctor, who told me last year that some parts of me have "atrophied". I do hope her own doctor tells her SHE is atrophied when she reaches 56!

    1. LOL, Joni. It's going to get pretty tough finding medical folks who can take care of us without offending us.