I've decided that HOPE is how we build our lives.

When we're young, but old enough, we hope to be a little older. So we can "do" stuff. Drive a car. Make our own decisions. Vote. Buy a drink.

Then we hope to find the right spouse. Someone to grow old with.

We hope our children will be successful and happy. At some point we all just hope for happy.

We hope we can travel a little. Fill our shoes with sand from different places. Enjoy the world we live in.

Then we hope for enough money to live on. We don't need to be extravagant. We just want to experience a few things before we're beyond our physical ability to do so. And pay the bills.

We hope for spots of joy in our lives. From pets or hobbies or friends... something to make us smile. Man, those things can charge our batteries, don't you agree?

The idea of hoping for health isn't always sustainable. And because we don't get it doesn't mean we aren't worthy. It just means that it wasn't in the cards. Health will eventually crap out on all of us.

And finally, we hope to leave this world a better place. Swelled hearts. Fond memories. Things that people will touch and think of us. A sentence fragment that will immediately bring a smile.

All of these things are how we build our lives on hope.

But when we build our faith, we need more than hope. We need more than belief. We need to KNOW.

Take a look at where you are. You know I love and respect you if you don't believe. But wouldn't it be cool?

And for those who believe, wouldn't you feel even stronger if you knew?

It's all better with friends.

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